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  • osakaboy's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 AM
    Had a tear actually complete rupture 5 years ago playing basketball. Scan showed it was 99% separated. It was only hanging on by a spaghetti-like fiber. Kept my foot in a boot for a month or so then light strengthening and it healed great without surgery. I wasn't super strict with rehab but did strengthening exercises including low level gymnastics. Naturally I could barely do front flips because half my jumping power was removed. I built up but never could get 100% power on the right side....
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  • brantradford's Avatar
    Today, 08:41 AM
    Dry needling is a protected and powerful approach to eliminate muscle ties which thusly cause torment and brokenness. This strategy had a constructive outcome on loosening up muscles. we are provide a nude dry needling therapy service se our some videos bit.ly/2QNX5Pa just click on this link and hit on 1st result foot focus podiatry and check out our some videos of dry needling therapy
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  • Icerealm's Avatar
    20-04-2021, 01:25 AM
    Cliffs - punched with hook abit of twist heavy shots to a punching wooden bag, i digged into the hooks thats why i caused injury i think - pinky side injured - slight bump on bone at pinky carpal area, base fracture? - able to do pull ups but feel the ulnar side carpal very tight, pain in hand area above ulnar bone on wrist, any pressing pushing activity will hurt - ulnar deviation of hand slight ache pain above the ulnar bone on hand pinky carpal area -x ray show irregularities on...
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  • kanatatherapist's Avatar
    19-04-2021, 07:46 AM
    Thank you for posting such great content; Keep posting! By the way we are Providing over 10 years of quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to Ottawa’s west end. For more services and free quote please contact us at 613-702-3382 Kanata Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Clinic - YouTube
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  • Erik94's Avatar
    18-04-2021, 05:32 PM
    Hello again! I have a hip that has been bothering me a lot for many years. Its a bit to flexible, makes clicking noises and my hip flexors and gluteus medius get really tight. These symptoms started after i did to much stretching, eventually i tore my gluteus medius and stopped with the stretching. My symptoms have gotten much better from massaging and strengtening my gluteus medius. However i still have a lot of symptoms and the naprapaths cant figure out why. I therefor need advice of what i...
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  • physiobob's Avatar
    16-04-2021, 12:50 AM
    Australia, South Australia (Adelaide) - Well established practice (since 2010) purchased by current owners in 2015.Located in a mix of medical, residential & commercial businesses. Standalone premises with on-site parking with... See More Information...
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  • physiobob's Avatar
    14-04-2021, 10:30 PM
    Australia, New South Wales (Regional) - Well established practice setup by current owner in December 2018Strong patient database with good word of mouth and GP referrals from local clinics including Local Surgery, Medical Centre and... See More Information...
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  • Fyzzio's Avatar
    13-04-2021, 06:39 PM
    Hi, what you have experienced must be quite frustrating. Exercise programmes are individually designed, therefore, someone needs to assess you (subjective = what are you symptoms and your goals; and objective = measuring muscle strength, control, cardiovascular aspects, balance, etc.) and can then design an exercise programme for you. This programme will then be tested and adjusted until it sits well with you and reviewed on a regular basis to check for progressions. The people who do this...
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  • jcochr's Avatar
    13-04-2021, 06:01 PM
    Thanks very much. Yes, I did find that simply tying my belt around that area of my chest worked pretty well but I was thinking that wasn't a good idea long term. I tried it whilst running and it was ok as long as it was gentle running. I have also found that sticking my chest upwards with the shoulders back helps a bit and hanging from a door frame (!). That is trying to improve posture. I also am reducing the time I spend holding things in my right hand (i.e. phone and mouse) and keeping that...
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  • physioUNIRS's Avatar
    13-04-2021, 09:21 AM
    Hello Fyzzio, Sorry for not clarifying, I am a first-year student from Western Sydney University, aspiring to work as a physiotherapist, the answers collected from these questions will be used for a case study and for myself to reflect based on the answers of a health professional in physiotherapy. The case study is intended to assist with writing a thought-provoking look at my chosen profession through interviewing a current health professional. Through reflecting on the interview...
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  • Erik94's Avatar
    13-04-2021, 07:39 AM
    Hello! I have shoulders that has been bothering me ALOT for many years. I am pritty sure that it is my lower/middle trapezius that is to week. I have no problem getting the muscles to fire and it feels good when i do Y-raises for an example(the tightness in my upper trap decreases, my shoulders become more even etc). However I never get any stronger and my muscle doesn't increase in size. I either exercises it to much or to little, i never find the balance. I see improvements for a few weeks...
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  • Fyzzio's Avatar
    12-04-2021, 07:59 PM
    Hi, many thanks for your efforts. Could you please give a few more details: Who are you? What is the purpose of your research? Who will be the assessor? Which organisation is responsible for handling the information? Who will have access to the information and in which ways will the information be used? You ask for a lot of information that might potentially identify the author (3, 4, 5), how will you warrant anonymity, please? Kind regards,
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  • physioUNIRS's Avatar
    12-04-2021, 12:43 AM
    (The responses will be de-identified, information is used for an assessment, I would really value your responses, and value your experience in any profession within Physiotherapy) 1. How long have you been a physiotherapist? 2. Why did you choose to become a physiotherapist? What do you find most rewarding about your profession? 3. What was your educational pathway to become a physiotherapist? 4. Can you briefly describe a typical day in your life as a...
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