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  • Arianna's Avatar
    30-07-2020, 03:15 PM
    If anyone is interested I need a Private Physiotherapist/occupational therapist for home visits ASAP in Riyadh
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  • mmwr715's Avatar
    30-07-2020, 03:14 AM
    During flexion and extension of your knee, your medial collateral ligament moves and the tenderness should move to where ligament is. If not, it is the anserine bursa or other structures.
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  • physiobob's Avatar
    29-07-2020, 04:10 AM
    Australia, Tasmania - Long running well established clinic originally setup by the current owner as a sole trader clinic in June 2003. Due to continued growth the clinic relocated to current premises in 2010. Also... See More Information...
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  • Apollwn's Avatar
    28-07-2020, 10:12 PM
    Hello everyone I am a 51 year old male of reasonably good health. I am not diabetic, I have no history of tendinitis or other tendon problems and I am not on any medication. I work in an office, so no heavy lifting is involved. I completely ruptured my distal biceps tendon a couple of months ago while trying to lift a heavy load and due to various circumstances I was not able to have surgery to repair it. I understand that the window of opportunity for the surgical repair may have closed...
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  • BenHart's Avatar
    28-07-2020, 08:00 PM
    More details: - When I pinch 'the tendon' at 13cm from heel bone there is a possibility that I am also pinching some portion of the muscle. - If I press (or foam roll), even hard, on the same location there is no pain. I have to pinch in order to feel the swelling and only then recreate the pain. - Could it be a small calf tear in the Soleus/Achilles junction (just behind the achilles tendon)? - I take it that rehab of a calf tear and of a tendinopathy are two very different things... ...
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  • Kavita's Avatar
    28-07-2020, 07:41 PM
    Hii,can someone please tell me if MSC in advanced physiotherapy-msk course from manchester metropolitan,uk is good or not?
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  • BenHart's Avatar
    28-07-2020, 08:18 AM
    Hi Male (53) amateur runner. I started feeling pain in the back of the lower left leg some 4-5 weeks ago. It started with a 'general' calf tightness and eventually calf pain causing me to stop mid run. Quite possibly due to doing too much too soon. I then avoided running for about 2 weeks and running ability came back so that calf pain may start after 7-8 km. In addition I had some morning stiffness in the calf area but as I reduced running this is now much better. I can do calf raises...
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  • Deepshikhakansara's Avatar
    28-07-2020, 01:17 AM
    Hi, The no of credits is not mentioned on the website. Send an email with your little introduction and subjects you are interested in, then a co-ordinator will get back to you with all the information. PRI is a little slow in responding so you gotta keep them bugging. There's another uni called St augustine which offers delegation course too. But according to my friends, PRI is much easier so i opted for that. I am pasting some of the info i received in an email from PRI co-ordinator....
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  • physiolife's Avatar
    27-07-2020, 10:44 PM
    Hi I wonder if anyone know how to write NPTE exam when you don't have ITIN or SSN number. It seems like we need to get SSN or ITIN in order to be able to write the exam in almost all states. Does anyone know how to get a SSN or ITIN as an international physiotherapist?
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  • PanDoraPT's Avatar
    25-07-2020, 01:52 PM
    Can anyone offer some words of wisdom?? I'm looking to gain confidence in the world of MSK. I've been a physio for a few years but got made redundant from the NHS (not an MSK post) and then have since just been working as a sole trader. As a result I have not had the benefit of experience from other physios and I have stuck to the very uncomplicated cases just to maintain my registration and keep my hand in whilst my children are small. I am now wanting to push myself a bit more and get a...
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