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  24. To whom has done AECOP screening examination
  25. job available rural NSW- wine making area with heaps to do
  26. work still available in rural NSW, Australia- tourist region with wineries etc
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  56. enquiry
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  69. Please Help me about DCP VIVA at Australia.
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  78. rin
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  97. how to apply for entrance examination which help to be settled in abroad???
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  99. Can an indian PT work as a PT Assistant till he gets gets his registration?
  100. What are the kind of works that PT assistants do??/
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  103. Physiotherapists & Pilates
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  107. Aussie but UK Qualified
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  117. Criteria for APC examinations for UK qualified Physios - Do we have to have 12 months
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  133. Sponsor/Mentor Required
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  142. English test in order to get sponsorship and with DIAC
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  149. 3 year degree course with no experience?
  150. APC Assessment of Equivalence of Qualification
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  156. Trans-tasman agreement
  157. More Trans-Tasman queries...
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  176. Equivalency
  177. Wanting to hear from physios working in Perth particularly UK/Irish
  178. Confused, please help! Limited Registration working opportunities / recruitment agencies in Australia!
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  180. Options for Equivalence, General Registration or Limited Registration
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  195. Acupuncture
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  203. advice needed!
  204. Full Australian Registration or Trans Tasman Agreement
  205. Incoming Master Student
  206. Working Interstate. NSW to Victoria
  207. Regarding skill assessment for Australian migration
  208. Looking for MSc, Phd. or work opportunities in Australia (maybe New Zeeland)
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  210. Advice Please
  211. working in australia
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  221. APC Written Exam December 2015
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  237. AAPTA (Australian Association of Physiotherapists Trained Abroad) Inc.
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  241. MSK Recalls
  242. Physiotherapy Mentor
  243. Australian written exam material updated
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  245. mentorship
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