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  1. Hydrotherapy: Australia
  2. ULtrasound and EMG : copied message from another user
  3. Need a spunky new ultrasound machine?
  4. Orthotron for Sale
  5. physio equipment
  6. Ultrasound Unit
  7. Equipment for sale / donation!
  8. IFT,Electric Up/Down Bed and Traction, Ultrasound etc
  9. Practice closing down sale
  10. for sale rebox electrotherpy machine
  11. Practice equipment for sale - Raymond Terrace, Australia.
  12. TGS US 3M portable ultrasound
  13. Equipment for Sale-Raymond Terrace, Australia.
  14. Electrotherapy eqpt for sale, NW England
  15. Other equipment for sale, NW England
  16. Ultrasound Macine NWest England
  17. x 2 TENS Machine, Sydney, Aus
  18. Laser for sale, Sydney, Australia
  19. Electic Tilt Table for sale -Victoria Australia
  20. Ultrasound Equipment
  21. Physiotherapy equipment for sale in Mumbai, India
  24. equipment, NQld Australia
  25. hi i am selling this cd
  26. pack about moving to europe 4 physios
  27. electric plinth for sale
  28. Clinical Assessment Forms
  29. Equipment for sale
  30. Equipment needed for first Physio Clinic in Samoa
  31. Used PT Equipment Wanted
  32. Equipment for Sale..... Sydney
  33. waterproof fibreglass casts
  34. 2 Mat tables for sale
  35. Electrotherapy-traction equipment & electric plinth/s ne
  36. Help for Vanuatu
  37. Equipments Wanted
  38. massage chair wanted
  39. Electrotherapy Equipment
  40. New innovative range of products for the protection and prevention of injuries
  41. DRS System or DRX9000 or SpineMed
  42. Spinal Decompression Tables DRX9000, Accu-Spina
  43. physiotherapy equipement for sale
  44. New range of sports training and coaching titles from Peak Performance
  45. Skeletal models for sale
  46. SRF board
  47. Sissel pro fitter
  48. Physiotherapy Assessment DVD's
  49. Looking for...
  50. Intelligent Vibration Training, with EMG use
  51. Kinesiology Tape, Kinesio Tape
  52. Physical Therapy Videos
  53. Physiotherapy Text Books
  54. Electrotherapy Donation (Canada)
  55. Book for sale
  56. Vibrogym, Pilates Equipment, Physio Beds for Sale
  57. The STABILIZER Pressure Biofeedback Unit
  58. physio equipments for sale
  59. Aircast Knee Cryocuff with cooler for knee injuries
  60. Introduction: Toumarine Kinesiology Tape
  61. Sports Taping DVD's and Tape Starter Kit
  62. Physiotherapy Plinth for sale
  63. Physio textbooks for Sale
  64. physio equipments wanted
  65. combination therapy machine
  66. Related Physio books like Brotzman & Wilk
  67. Surface EMG for facial area
  68. Intelect Mobile Combination therapy machine for sale
  69. Is there any used tilt table for sale?
  70. Equipment needed for new outpatient clinic
  71. EMS Interferential Suction Cups
  72. Portable Massage & Postural Drainage Machine
  73. ultrasonic unit for sale (portable)
  74. Isokinetics KinCom125E for sale
  75. Expertddx Musculoskeletal Radiology Amirsys
  76. Plinth required
  77. Practice Management Software Live Demonstrations
  78. Traction Couch and Unit - Brisbane Australia
  79. Longwave theraputic portable ultrasound machine required
  80. Sports Trainer equipment
  81. physiotherapy equipment for sale
  82. Physio equipment needed
  83. Jami physioquip
  84. can anyone recomend a good basic ultrasound machine
  85. Monark Ergomedic 828e
  86. Anyone got a laser for sale?
  87. Meditech Laser for sale (Bioflex Professional)
  88. Physio Equipment- FOR SALE 2x Traction Units - PSWD unit-Likon - 3 SECTION elec Plinth
  89. Software for running a private physio practice
  90. Traction unit and bed for sale
  91. Chris Norris
  92. Physiotherapy Equipment for Sale due to retirement EMS Medilink Shortwave/ Interferential-Therapulse Shortwave 2x Traction Units
  93. Used Meditech-Bioflex Portable Laser Unit For Sale
  94. Interferential and Ultrasound Unit For Sale Only Two Months Old!!
  95. i need a biodex balance systam
  96. Bioflex laser LITT
  97. Chatanooga Intelect Mobile Combo 2778 Ultrasound/Interferential machine for sale NE UK
  98. Portable Ultrasound and Interferential Machine Combo machine 4 months old
  99. Intelect Ultrasound 1 & 3 Mhz for sale
  100. goniometer/inclinometer on your Iphone!
  101. Enraf 491 Combined Ultrasound/Interferential 2 pole for sale - 5 months old - moving overseas
  102. Traction Bed For Sale
  103. physio equipment
  104. New bodyguard organic r recumbent exercise bicycle for sale 50% off
  105. NEMES BOSCO AT (Arm Training and Rehabilitation)
  106. Used Meditech Bioflex Laser for Sale
  107. For Sale: Bioflex Professional Laser Therapy System (Double System) 2007
  108. Neuromuscular Stimulation Device - Neurocare 1000/4P
  109. Physiotherapy Text Books for sale
  110. Active Passive Trainer for sale
  111. Combined Interferential Ultrasound Electrotherapy Machine for Sale
  112. USED ITO SW400S Physiotherapy system for SALE - Singapore
  113. InterX Professional Sport for sale (minimum sale price £499.00)
  114. EMS Interferential 950 for sale (£99.00 minimum sale price)
  115. Megapulse II (£399.00 minimum sale price)
  116. Traction unit required
  117. elecric plinth wanted
  118. Electric 3 section treatment table
  119. Metron 3 sections electric treatment table for sale.
  120. Plinth For Sale
  121. Oswestery Standing frame and electric tilt table for sale
  122. Interferential wanted
  123. Physio equipment wanted
  124. Plinth for Sale
  125. Oswestry Standing Frame
  126. Game Ready Wanted
  127. Shortwave Diathermy Machine available
  128. FOR SALE 23 x TalarMade Shoulder Braces
  129. Plinth for sale
  130. Thor Laser (LLLT) Equipment for sale
  131. Biodex Unweighing Gait training system - UK
  132. Thor Laser, plinth, stock incl. supports, for sale
  133. Hydraulic plinth 3 part preferable wanted for new clinic
  134. Thor laser for sale
  135. FOR SALE 3 section electric plinth/couch like new
  136. FOR SALE CPM Machines with 3 month warranty £1500 bargain
  137. Intelect Mobile Ultrasound Unit for Sale - Australia
  138. Interferential with vacuum suction wanted
  139. Need some good priced Physio Equipment.
  140. Wanted to buy or hire: unweighing gait training system/ BWS/ unweighted treadmill/ gantry hoist and a harness/ sling
  141. Selling a 3 section York Physio plinth Electic, PAT tested. Good condition £400 (ono) South London near Clapham
  142. HydroTread 1611 - Underwater Treadmill
  143. MONARK REHAB TRAINER for sale
  144. Interferntial US machine
  145. Portable diagnostic ultrsound machine
  146. Plinths 2000 2 section plinth for sale
  147. need book
  148. Thor Laser DD2
  149. Used RJ-Laser system for sale. Physiolaser
  150. books / equipment wanted for donation to Zambia
  151. Plinth 2000 503 3 Section Electric
  152. Physiomed Metron Accutrac Traction Unit and electric couch
  153. Second hand traction unit wanted
  154. nearly new Thermo 500 Shortwave diatheramy
  155. Thor Laser DDV Portable Unit For Sale
  156. Physio Equipment for Sale-Greater Manchester
  157. Neurocare 1000/4p
  158. Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Books for Sale
  159. Plinth for Sale
  160. Portable treatment table for sale
  161. Pilates & Gyrotonic Equipment for Sale, London area.
  162. Wanted - omega xp laser
  163. Plinth 2000 Electric Tilt Table 501 for sale Used London UK
  164. Electric Tilt Table for sale Plinth 2000 501 London U.K.
  165. Astralite portable couch for sale.
  166. Monark ergo bike
  167. Wanted: Hydraulic Plinth
  168. Motivated to Sell Professional Bioflex Laser System
  169. Bioness L300 Clinician's Kit Foot Drop System for Sale £2750
  170. Enraf Sonopuls 491 For Sale
  171. EDAN DUS 3 Ultrasound for Diagnostic Imaging - EXCELLENT FOR VIEWING MUSCLE ACTIVATION
  172. Physiotherapy plinth/treatment couch wanted
  173. FS: AdhesionTool - for Gua Sha, Graston, ASTYM, IASTM, FAKTR, SASTM, Narson, Myofascial Release
  174. Physio/ massage plinth for sale
  175. Physio equipment wanted
  176. Looking for: Chattanooga Intelect Ultrasound Applicator Head
  177. DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal - brand new for sale
  178. Wanted: hydraulic plinth / treatment couch with head hole
  179. Plinth for Sale
  180. Second Hand 3 Section Plinth Couch For Sale
  181. For Sale - Hydraulic 2 part plinth 2000 with head hole
  182. Colour Doppler Ultrasound for sale - Mindray M5 (Ex-Demo)
  183. Chatanooga Intelect Combo (Ultrasound , Interferential, TENS, Muscle Stim) for sale
  184. Clinical room to rent in Newcastle upon Tyne for Physiotherapist
  185. Spinal Decompression - Excellent Condition Triton DTS® Traction Unit for sale
  186. TRACTION UNIT - Excellent Condition Triton DTS® Traction Unit for sale
  187. 2 x physiotherapy plinths wanted - with face holes, preferably hydraulic
  188. plinth for sale
  189. Electrotherapy equipment for sale.
  190. Plinths for sale
  191. Equine/Vet Laser Wanted
  192. Bioflex Laser for sale
  193. Second hand height adjustable plinth wanted Northern Ireland
  194. InterX
  195. Second hand hydraulic plinth with breathing hole wanted Harrogate Yorkshire
  196. Traction System - Excellent Condition Triton DTS®
  197. Plinth electric or hydraulic wanted
  198. An absolute bargain for a sports physio - Aircast Cryo/Cuff and Donjoy items for sale. All sensible offers considered
  199. WANTED: Melbourne, Australia Physiotherapy Equipment for donation for Placement in Cambodia
  200. ColdCure Wraps for cold therapy
  201. Hydraulic Plinth with breathing hole wanted - Second hand (London)
  202. Inter X 5002
  203. InterX 5002
  204. Litecure Lightforce and Klaser Class IV Medical Therapy Lasers 4 Sale
  205. New portable Shockwave therapy machine
  206. For Sale - wooden wall bars for physio/general exercise
  207. Second hand forearm walker wanted
  208. Low Voltage Galvanic Stimulator
  209. Combination 850 screen not working available for parts including two ultrasound heads ,
  210. A5 filing cabinets 20 in all, Cryocuff
  211. For Sale: Laser Therapy Unit BTL 4110
  212. Judy Mckemey
  213. Wobble cushions for sale - Nottingham
  214. FOR SALE - Couch vision 2 section hydraulic with breathing hole
  215. Interested in buying an interx device
  216. Plinth for sale
  217. Books for Sale - Physiotherapy and Sports
  218. Combined electrotherapy and Ultrasound CURATUR + VACATUR vacum unit For sale AS NEW
  219. Bioflex Laser for Sale (1 YO)
  220. Physiotherapy Couches for Sale
  221. Chattanooga Ultrasound 1 and 3 Mhz Excellent Condition
  222. FOR SALE: 2 section electrical couch with breathing hole, collect only from London W4 area.
  223. Neuro (wide) physio plinth with face hole wanted urgently.
  224. Height Adjustable Adult Parallel Walking Bars for sale
  225. Akron Plinth 2 section Hydraulic with face hole. Plus Cyriax Type Lumbar traction set.
  226. Chattanooga E-2 Hydrocollator For Sale
  227. Thor DD Laser Therapy System for Sale
  228. 081544352 metron multistim 2
  229. Second Hand EMS Theralux Infra-red Lamp Wanted (Working or Not)
  230. EMS MEDI-LINK MODEL 70 ultrasound and interferential machine
  231. Used sales: 2-Section Therapy Couch - Hydraulic Plinth - Plus head with armrests
  232. Chatanooga Intelect Combo (Ultrasound , Interferential, TENS, Muscle Stim) for sale
  233. 3b Scientific Max Skeleton
  234. FOR SALE Physio Med electric massage table
  235. FOR SALE - TWO 3 section hydraulic couches and ONE ultrasound machine
  236. Wanted Please Sonoplus
  237. Whole Body Cryotherapy Cryosauna JUKA second hand
  238. Pulsed Shortwave diathermy wanted
  239. Cybex Norm Isokinetic Dynamometer Testing and Rehabilitation System
  240. Wanted Laser unit
  241. Wanted! Hydraulic / electric treatment table
  242. 2 hydraulic plinths for sale
  243. Neuromuscular Electronic Stimulation - Neurocare 1000/4P ex demonstrator
  244. Acupuncture Needles for sale. New, in original packaging.
  245. BIOFLEX Portable Professional Laser system
  246. For sale: 3 section hydraulic plinth
  247. 3 section electric hydraulic Hoskins treatment table
  248. Electric plinth and ITO TM300 Traction System
  249. Massage couch / physiotherapy treatment couch for sale
  250. Electric/hydraulic plinth and ITO TM300 Traction System