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  1. The Practice of Acupuncture by Physical Therapists
  2. The Practice of Acupuncture by Physical Therapists
  3. Clinical Education of Physical Therapy Students
  4. Direct Referral
  5. Application of Electrophysical Agents
  6. Hepatitis B Virus Position Statement
  7. HIV/AIDS Prevention in Physical Therapy Practice
  8. Informed Consent
  9. Multidisciplinary Practice
  10. Concurrent Treatment of a Patient
  11. Medical Legal Reports
  12. Physical Therapy Records
  13. Patients' Rights
  14. Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Incontinence
  15. Professional Development
  16. Professional Misconduct
  17. Release of Patient Records
  18. Inappropriate Behaviour
  19. Supervision of Support Personnel
  20. Guidelines to Drafting Documentation
  21. WCPT Directory of Member Organisations