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  1. Tibet Tibet Tibet Tibet Tibet
  2. US Physio working in France
  3. Honduras
  4. re: tibet
  5. re: Working overseas
  6. job in australia in pain management
  7. Canada!!!
  8. I would like to work in Australia as a physiotherapist
  9. American PT student looking to do rotation in Australia
  11. working in canada or uk
  12. i m pakistani pt wanting job in europe, new zealand, usa. & canada at any cost.
  13. Work available in the UK
  14. work in UAE/Saudi Arabia
  15. working in Australia or canada
  16. Working in Canada or the Middle East...
  17. Working in USA
  18. Work in Canada
  19. Working in the schengen states
  20. working in the UK
  21. registration in Italy?
  22. working in Sydney.
  23. Working in the south africa
  24. volunteer physio
  25. portfolio of course completed 10yrs ago, how?
  26. Working in the land where the Guiness flows freely
  27. Permanent Positions in the UK
  28. job swap between New Zealand and Scotland
  29. Work in the UK!
  30. new zealand
  31. Agencies in the UK/Ireland
  32. studying and working in germany
  33. Canadian Exam
  34. Aussies wanting to work in the UK
  35. Working in Singapore
  36. thanks ENA
  37. Wanted: Australian and NZ Physios to work in the UK
  38. Working in South Korea& Japan
  39. want to get registration in holland....
  40. working in southern spain
  41. Working in Cambodia
  42. Australians wanting to work in the UK???
  43. new zealand with australian registration
  44. can a physio write dr with their name?
  45. membership
  46. US-licensed, Philippine-trained PTs wants to know if Ireland can issue them work permit
  47. Wanted - Physio's to work in Australia
  48. Working in the USA
  49. Agencies interested in Nigerian PT
  51. Employing in a Sydney private sports&orthopedic&manipulative physiotherapy clinic as a physio
  52. Interested in working in Malaysia -- any known opportunities??
  53. South African's can work in Oz without sitting an exam?
  54. moving to the usa
  55. Working in UAE
  56. Aussie physio's looking for work upon return from OS
  57. Can I work in the UK?
  58. Worldwide: job wanted
  59. jobs in canada
  60. job in sydney
  61. Jobs as Pt in South Africa
  62. DO You need assistance working in Australia?
  63. ... Note from American Physical Therapy Association:
  64. Oversea working in Uk
  65. +++
  66. Looking for the job
  67. How to work in the USA or in the UK as a foreigner
  68. CSP Congress Birmingham England 19-21 October 2001
  69. average salaries in OZ
  70. US PT wanting to work in Canada
  71. i would LOVE to be in oz right now!!
  72. Working in the mountains
  73. Physiotherapists in Ohio USA
  74. International Insurance?
  75. Information on how to work in the U.K as a Physio
  76. UK- CPSM - German Recognition?
  77. Want to work in North Cork in Ireland??
  78. Jobs throughout the UK with SPONSORSHIP?
  79. Any Scandies out there?
  80. Has anyone recruited physios from UK or elsewhere on business sponsorship?
  81. Uk physio wants to work in Oz- registration dilemma
  82. Any jobs going in Canada?
  83. Working Holiday Visa Expired and still want to work in the UK?
  84. Get Added to our Australian Physio Travellers Database
  85. Are You returning from Overseas to Australia?
  86. looking for job in canada/alberta
  87. US Entrance Requirements
  88. How can Indian PT's wishing to work in Australia do so ?
  89. books/ guides for licensure examination(fsbpt)
  90. Working and getting registered in oz
  91. Internship in Guatemala
  92. How to renew Australian registration?
  93. want a job in any country,any job.Thanking you
  94. Want job in any hospital,any place,any job .thanking you.
  95. Republic of Ireland agencies
  96. Working in Canada!
  97. Working in the English Countryside
  98. interested in NZ
  99. Acupuncture in Australia
  100. Sports Physiotherapy Vacancy
  101. Work in UK
  102. licensing in Canada
  103. Internship(pref. paid)
  104. Student requires 6 week accomodation in London, England
  105. private practice position in New Zealand
  106. Physiotherapy Manager for Ireland
  107. interested in practicing physiotherapy in greece
  108. oman
  109. Working in Spain
  110. Spanish Registration
  111. trans tasman agreement
  112. Working in the UK and Ireland
  113. Win a weeks holiday in Noosa or a weekend for 2 in Paris!!!
  114. Win a Trip to Noosa or a weekend in Paris!!!
  115. INS and working in the US
  116. work in Autralia
  117. wish to work in ireland
  119. Working in Developing Countries
  120. Work in the UK
  121. Working in Norway!
  122. Looking to register to work in NZ...how?!
  123. want 2 know , instead of cpsm they have changed 2 hpc.( in uk )
  125. Help needed for work in UK
  126. Has anyone out there worked in Saudi Arabia?
  127. I am working in libya........
  128. want Physio assistant in adeladie pls contact
  129. need to work overseas
  130. enqury
  131. accreditation
  132. clinical work for students abroad
  133. What does an Irish Physio have to do to work in OZ??
  134. working in New Zealand and or Australia as PT
  135. job
  136. work experience
  137. working in Scandanavia
  138. anyone sat for the screening exam of ACOPRA?
  139. Support for Aecop Candidates
  140. Work around London
  141. International directory of recruitment agencies
  142. Contact with Italian PTs Abroad
  143. working in New York
  144. to all the physios that have done AECOP examination
  145. work available rural NSW, Australia
  146. job available rural NSW
  147. job available in rural NSW- great winemaking, historical region with lots to do!
  148. organisations - working in developing countries
  149. rehebilitation patients with SCI
  150. registration
  151. Chinese Malaysian girl would like advise
  152. volunteer in southamerica
  153. Temporary Physiotherapist In Charge position available at Mudgee, NSW
  154. Middle East Jobs
  155. AECOP exams
  156. Work in Brisbane?
  157. Jobs in Cheshire UK
  158. Dutch physio looking for some advise concerning working in WA
  159. Elective Placement Melbourne Australia Feb 2004
  160. Elective Placement wanted Melbourne Feb 2004
  161. South African Physio looking for work in Switzerland
  162. preparation for the Australian exams
  164. looking for job in Australia
  165. ACOPRA examination
  166. ACOPRA exams
  167. ACOPRA exams
  168. any information helpful
  169. advise needed on placements abroad
  170. working in Geneva
  171. need help from pt who finished from india
  172. need help from pt who finished from india and working at USA
  173. German physio wants to work in OZ/immigration problem
  174. Info on working in Caymans or other Carib. countries
  175. doubt
  176. working in South Africa
  177. student looking for overseas placement
  178. any PT opportunities in central America?
  179. HPC registration
  180. how do i get started?!
  181. Physiotherapy Competency Examination in Canada
  182. Visa type
  183. Visa type
  184. Physiotherapy National (competency) exam in Canada
  185. Canadian exam-now or later??
  186. Adaptation respiratory period
  187. filipina,live in switzerland and a Physical Therapy want to work in Switzerland, How?
  188. How Fillipina PT (who live in Switzerland) work as a Physical Therapy or Physical Therapy assistant?
  189. working in switzerland as a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist assistant?
  190. equivalency experiences for Canada
  191. Physiotherapy work in Australia and New Zealand
  192. preparing for PNE
  193. preparing for PNE
  194. preparing for PNE
  195. Finding a place
  196. US therapist interested in locum work in the UK or New Zealand
  197. physio assistant to get job in us procedure needed
  198. work in NZ
  199. Placement UK Bristol
  200. Hi ! Question , about HPC Registration
  201. Hi ! Question , about HPC Registration
  202. Choose your ideal job!
  203. Working in Malaysia
  204. Physio's travelling in South America
  205. Working in spain
  206. I want to work in Australia or overseas.
  207. Physiotherapist - North West
  208. Preparing for AECOPS March 2004
  209. IRELAND
  210. dutch pt's in Oz
  211. Working in India for UK trained physio
  212. placement in Bristol, UK
  215. Foreign trained physical therapy(INDIA) trying to get license here in usa, HELP!!
  216. Physio in SKI RESORTS
  217. Looking for employers and recruiters in US (MI)
  218. Any chance of a sponsored part time post in Oz?
  219. regarding acopra exams
  220. hello
  221. working in oz
  222. If you want work in the UK then feel free to contact us
  223. If you want work in the UK then feel free to contact us
  224. If you want work in the UK then feel free to contact us
  226. Registration in Oz
  227. screening exam for australia
  228. Positions available in Australia
  230. UK Positions now available to overseas Physiotherapists
  231. Physiotherapists needed for UK positions - Apply NOW!
  232. Working as a Physiotherapist in the UK
  233. student looking for employment in Europe after graduation
  234. Physio and OT Locum posts in the UK
  235. manual therapy techniques
  236. work in tasmania
  237. training carers
  238. Licensing in Canada
  239. Masters in physiotherapy looking for a job
  240. working in France
  243. ACOPRA Exam
  244. 4 weeks adaptation period in ICU/HDU
  245. OS WORK
  246. Canada registration
  247. Brazilian Physiotherapist lookink for a job in Spain
  248. work
  249. Post graduate courses in Sweden, Denmark or Germany
  250. hi