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11-11-2000, 10:17 AM
hi! i am a PT from the Philippines and i heard that PTs from the philippines who is for credentialing usually is given a 2 more years of study as a result. is this tru? thanks for your help!!!!

09-07-2001, 08:46 PM
Well it depends. In my case, I am battling the system of going back to school because the reason is not justifiable. I don't have any deficiency in the coureswork but they count the number of school years. The minimum is 16 schoolyears. So they are asking me to go back to school for one full year. Others who are physiotherapist in Germany for 10 years and they are being asked to go back to school for 4 years. The criteria here in Canada are ridiculous. It's better for you to look at oppurtunity in US. UK would be good, too. I have a colleague who have passed the credentialling there. Here in Canada, it seems like there is some kind of educational system racism. That your education is nothing here in Canada.