Here is the list of most importance of Allied Health Practice Management Systems but not limited to;

* Reduce No-Shows: It can provide reduce no-shows with automated personalized reminders
* 24/7 Availability: This application can provide patients flexible online booking during the hours they are most likely to schedule an appointment.
* Increase Patient Satisfaction: It can also help to increase patient satisfaction with reduced waiting time, and automated waiting lists
* Save on Costs: This application can also manage all your records electronically, and reduce the manual effort of administrative work & documentation.
* Automated Waiting Lists: It also uses automated waiting lists to increase the patient bookings, and quickly fill new openings.
* Resource Utilization: This application can also use to maximize the utilization of medical resources, and personnel by managing their schedule online.
* E-Marketing: Patientís information used for appointment scheduling caninclude email addresses, and phone numbers. Promotional drives such as Allied Health packages, blood test packages, and free checkups on a chosen health topic can be circulated among patients using those contact information.

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