Hi, before posting this I have read the posts relating to the search terms elbow pain and been unsuccessful in find my exact symptoms.

Basically I am getting a really sharp and ever increasing pain in the back of my left elbow when performing nearly any type of tricep involving exercise.

Generally if I get a really decent warm up in first I can get two sets of press ups out but after that this pain will occur. Upon feeling the slight pain at first as I continue to perform the set it becomes almost unbearable thus resulting me to stop. I have had this pain for three years probably now I have had over 24 months off the weights completely during this time but it always reoccurs.

I have changed my approach ie range of movement grip type stance type almost everything I can think of to alter my movement but I have not been successful.

the pain is not there at all during day to day activities or pulling type exercises.

Does anyone know what could be the issue? Thanks in advance

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