Hello Fellow PT's

I'm looking for PT's or other practitioners that have a very good understanding of the Feldenkrais method.

I have an interest in learning the method, not necessarily for use in my practice, though I'm sure the additional insights may be more than a little bit relevant.

I don't really want to be a feldenkrais practitioner, or go through 4 years of training. I understand that most of those four years (or 800 hours and 160 days) are spent experiencing the functional integration lessons, or awareness through movement lessons, and that definitely has value, but I'm looking for something more accelerated, with some good neurophysiological and motor based teaching. Maybe that is now included in Feldenkrais training, I'm not sure, however I've read that there is little in the way of anatomy/physiology/neuro physiology lessons tied into the work because Feldenkrais is sold as a movement education system and not a therapy.

I'd appreciate any existing PT's with experience in this method, and especially if you've gone through the training to help give me some insights on whether or not the actual full training could be the way to go, or is there something more accelerated for someone with a solid PT education?

Thank you,

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