I have just finished a neuromuscular physical therapy course - which basically takes in obviously the necessary anatomy, primary muscles, active release therapy, muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapy and positional release.

I kind of self taught grade 1 to 4 mobilizations - Mulligan, McKenzie concepts etc.
Trigger point dry needling and taping.

I have an undergrad in an non-related discipline, and was considering returning to do a masters in physio - which is basically like an intensive undergrad program.

However - having spoken with a few physios, their opinion is that, an undergrad program is fairly limited in terms of musculoskeletal education - that it can be very broad, covering psycho-social, neuronal, biochemical aspects.
That perhaps if I was looking to expand in the area of musculoskeletal exclusively - hand on work, which is what my interest is - it might not be the best option.

In terms of progressing in this area - I'm looking at additional courses in grade 5 mobilizations - and from there just getting as much clinical practice as possible.

Can anyone comment on whether that is the case?
In terms of the delivery aspect of a physio undergrad - would the feedback I've gotten on its limitations be correct?

It seemed that primarily, physio graduates would do clinical practice in a hospital, then build their skills in a certain area via experience?

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