I'm currently in my first year of studying a Bachelor of Medical Science in Sydney, Australia. I had always planned to do post grad physio after I've finished my 3 year undergrad degree, but have recently realised that post grad is VERY expensive (>$80K) and have read online that physios much prefer to hire undergrad students than post grad students anyway. Is this true???

I have the option to transfer into an undergrad course but that would mean moving cities, which I don't really want to do (I moved from a small country town to Sydney this year and have made incredible friends and a wide support network here. This has been the happiest year of my life and it would be very, very sad to leave).

I guess my questions are:

a) Do employers always prefer undergrads to post grads?

b) Is saving roughly $80K in hecs worth moving away from all the people who have made this the happiest year of my life?

Any advice would be so appreciated, thank you so much !!

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