Hello guys,
My dad is troubled with spinal cord tumour for 3 years. He used to get chemotherapies, radiations and other medications during his treatment journey. Recently he fell down during his physiotherapy treatment. Actually, I was not there at that moment so when I heard about this I was shocked. Soon after hearing I rushed from the store to physiotherapy centre. Blood was oozing out from his mouth and he lost his front canine. He was taken to the emergency dentist in Toronto. This incident occurred a week ago. Now he would like to correct his smile by finding a solution for his missing tooth. I think implants or temporary dentures will be a good option for his missing tooth. Can someone tell me which will be the best solution? Also, inform me which treatment could be taken easily without too many delays. He will be unable to spend too much time sitting during the procedure due to his physical issues. Kindly share your suggestions before his next dental appointment. Thank you.

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