Hi everyone,

I have a few questions about MSc Physiotherapy in UK and experiences any of you might have.
I have Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Slovenia and I decided to continue MSc in UK and I have already been accepted to Glasgow Caledonian University. I also received conditional offer from Coventry Uni. Later I thought I will be sending more applications, but after I searched a lot of Unis (like Birmingham etc) have 2 year Msc and it is even more expensive.
At GCU there is 1 year and as I was reading it looks like they have a good programme.

So I wanted to ask - is anyone here who knows about studies at GCU and have been doing Masters of Physio there?

I would like to know about subjects and difficulty, if it is very hard and how many exams are through the year.
I was wondering if there are also basic subjects such as math, chemistry etc. or is it more focused on practice, research etc.? Which would deifnitely be better

And in general if they have a good programme.

Any kind of informations would be really appreciated


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