Hi, I just wanted to mention a company I work for called Active Hands who produce a variety of gripping aids for people who have suffered injuries, illnesses or were born with conditions that mean they struggle to grip and hold onto objects. They can be used in conjunction with things such as gym weights or gym workout machines, handlebars, sports equipment, DIY tools, gardening tools, writing implements, toiletries, and many more.

They're always developing new items and recently launched a couple of new products, including a new gripping aid designed for small items such as pens/razors/toothbrushes/paint brushes/various make-up items etc. They also stock a number of aids developed by other companies so their website is well worth checking out as it displays their complete list of products and the uses they have.

I thought I'd post this on here in case it could come in handy to anyone who works with clients who have issues when it comes to grip. I know that a number of hospitals and physio centres around the world use these aids to help with rehabilitation.

The website can be found here: https://www.activehands.com/

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