Hi everyone, I have come here to seek assistance - please feel free to ask me questions or post advice.
I am a 20 year old male, about 11 months ago when attempting to get myself back into gym routine I jumped back into quite heavy weights accidentally and whilst working my shoulders i incurred an injury in what i believe to be my Rhomboid Muscle under/next to my shoulder blade on the right hand side of my spine.
Since then i have had several months off of exercise, stretched and used a ball to target/massage the area however whenever I try jump back into working out my upper body (shoulders/chest/anything that uses the Rhomboids as a supportive muscle) it becomes damaged again. I have been to my physio once about this issue and persisted with the stretches he gave me without success. When working out the pain fluctuates back up and causes me mischief yet again.

Anyone have any ideas on what they think could be going on? I am really hoping this is not a permanent injury as I would love to body build again.

Kind regards

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