So I started feeling rear shoulder pain about 7 weeks ago while doing bench press. Any injury related to working out had always been solved by just giving it time off, I did this initially then with all gyms closing down due to COVID-19 this has stretched out to the mentioned 7 weeks but no amount of stretching has solved this issue. Further complicating the problem, all physiotherapy places where I live are closed for the foreseeable future.

The majority of exercises donít cause any pain and day to day life is fine but the pain is preventing me from doing at home exercises such as pushups. There seems to be a little click that comes from the rear of the shoulder when moving it in certain ways.

Things that cause pain:

- Wide grip pushups are to the point that when I go down, itís too painful in the rear shoulder to push back up but close grip push ups only cause a little pain

- Scarecrow raises are completely fine until it hits a point where thereís a pain then I get through that point itís fine again. So 90% of the movement doesnít hurt but the one position

- Wide grip shoulder press hurts the rear of the shoulder but as I move the dumbbells in closer the pain goes away almost completely

- Lateral raises hurt the rear of the shoulder when under weight, front raises are fine

Not sure what to do with physio places being closed down...thank you in advance for any suggestions on what could possibly be wrong.

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