Hi all,

I am part of a start up currently working on a device for patients with Lymphedema in the arm. This device would enable you to take advantage of Telerehabilitation and do exercises from your home. We are working on a wearable device that will measure and record your movements and send them directly to your medical support which will help them assess how well you are doing your required exercises at home and tell you when to correct your form. We would love to discuss with you the various issues you currently face with the way you are conducting these exercises and how we can make your life easier using our device?

Current features:
1) Cheap.
2) Light.
3) Comfortable to wear on the arm.
4) Cones with a game that is enabled by the exercises you do, to make sure you have a good time exercising.
5) Track your progress.

Please reply to this thread and let us know what problems you are facing with the conventional methods and which features you would like to add or take out from such a device based on your experience.

Thanks! Stay Safe!

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