Hey guys

I am hoping to retrain as a physiotherapist in the UK. My options are to take a three year BSc or a Two year accelerated pre-reg MSc (at the University of Edinburgh), and I'm deciding which is best. Taking the two year degree is obviously preferable, as it means I get qualified sooner and spend significantly less money doing so. I appreciate that it will be more full-on, as it squeezes into two years what you normally do in three, but I'm a fast and willing learner with a strong knowledge of biology and anatomy, so I'm sure that I could manage the extra work load. Before I take this option, I just want to check if employers usually have any preference for the 3 year degree? I know that they both lead to registration and a recognised qualification, but I wondered whether in practice there is any preference for graduates from the longer degree? Also, does anyone know if taking the two year accelerated degree likely to lead to any difficulties in registering overseas? I've already checked the physiotherapy registration bodies in Canada, Australia and NZ and as far as I can tell the two year MSc is equally recognised alongside the BSc. Any advice I can get from here is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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