This is a long shot but if some physio or other person with a similar medical degree can help I would be thankfull.

So, my patient 50 years old woman, working adminstrative with a good saliry, not the worrying type, thinking rationally and really easy to discuss the symptoms with. Nevertheless, shes been a gym patient of mine for 3 months and presents the following symptoms: flue-feeling in her body after physical exercise (think 10x2 10 kg in rowing exercise for example) the symptons ease after 24 h. Since a few years using CPAP for her sleep apnea. She sleeps really bad, waking repeatedly during night and feel really tired during the days, but despite this she manage to work 100 % and do not present any typical stress/depression/anxiety symptoms.

And as I feel powerless and can't answer her or give any strong advice more than "load your body but without aggrevate the symptons the following day/days". I wonder if she has CFS but I can't help but ignoring her bad sleep because of the sleep apnea.

Do you have any advice for me?

// Kristofer

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