Around 12 months ago, I injured my hands and wrists because of a repetitive grip related task that I was doing with both my hands for a long period of time. As a result, I sometimes get mild pain in the base of my thumbs and when I bend my thumbs, they sometimes click when I straighten them out. Also, I sometimes have mild pain in my wrists and they click and crackle a lot especially if I haven't stretched them. I have no issue lifting any heavy weight my hands and I can do the same tasks that I always do, but I have been trying to rest my hands in order to not make it worse.

I was told by the physio that I have an RSI with mild irritation of the TFCC, but I've been waiting for a long period of time for them to get back to me to give me my exercises, so I wondered if you could help me with what exercises I can do while I wait? Should I be doing TFCC tear exercises, even though my issue is not necessarily a TFCC tear?

Many thanks for your help.

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