This is my first time using this site and I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I am in my last year of university and I study Product design. My final project is on Manual dexterity and prevent preteens and teenagers from suffering from dexterity issues in the future, I am designing a hand gym that they could use at home to exercise their hands during the day as I know that repetitive movement without properly exercising can cause pain after a while. Nowadays teens play a lot of video games which is quite repetitive. My tutor recommended I find a forum of physiotherapists for a more in depth understanding.

So my question is for whomever is a licensed Physiotherapist is, what are the recommended hand exercises for preteen and teenagers to build strength in the hands and prevent dexterity issues? If you could list them as well as explain what the benefits are that would be especially helpful also could you provide how long they should spend doing those exercises weekly.

Thank you for taking the time out and reading this, I really appreciate any replies I get as it will boost my research for my final project

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