Hi everyone!

Hope you've been safe and keeping a positive mind frame.

Just thought this might be an appropriate forum to reach out to based around a current project of mine...

The intention is to create a walking aid for people in later life (or anyone it will benefit for that matter) which will enhance their independence, without the stigma of using an assistive product and doesn’t restrict the user or conform them to a smooth, flat surface. Allowing them greater freedom and independence for leisure purposes, bettering their quality of life and social well-being.

I would love some feedback about the above statement and questions below if its not too invasive to ask...

• Are there any limitations your patients have with currently mobility devices? If so, what would you add/improve? Or possibly even remove...

• Do you feel there is a stigma around assistive products in general that may either be embarrassing to use or off putting?
- My opinion is that they look rather medical and mainly focused around frugal principles of making it cheap to manufacture and purchase.

• Would a power assist similar to power steering aid your patients in any way?

• How about a forearm rest which enables them to apply more weight on the walker and feel lighter? Possibly encouraging longer walks as it may be easier and reduce strain on joints. Could this even promote fitness and motivate them to go out more? Hopefully resulting in a greater mental well being and confidence producing more independency - walk confidently anywhere!

• How could the product be steered? Possibly using their whole core body strength? How about a moving joystick? Or a fixed handle to have complete control and stability with simple thumb controls? Are there any other options you think they may prefer?

• Are there any terrains they are unable to venture on? This product would move smoothly through rougher terrains such as; cobbled paths, sandy beaches, uneven surfaces such as; parks, woodland trails and even their garden. This would also slowly glide them up an incline and support them going down a decline. Are there any others you might think it could benefit?

• What are the most common mobility conditions and possibly what ages do you tend to deal with?

If there's anything else you'd like to add that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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