- punched with hook abit of twist heavy shots to a punching wooden bag, i digged into the hooks thats why i caused injury i think
- pinky side injured
- slight bump on bone at pinky carpal area, base fracture?
- able to do pull ups but feel the ulnar side carpal very tight, pain in hand area above ulnar bone on wrist, any pressing pushing activity will hurt
- ulnar deviation of hand slight ache pain above the ulnar bone on hand pinky carpal area
-x ray show irregularities on carpal bone , sides were jagged as compared to other, doctor said hints of small fractures thought it was a metatarsal base fracture/carpal fracture as most pain coming from that area above ulnar funny bone
-no pain on side of wrist
-gripping strength feel same but if grip onto wider stuff feel pain
-able to do normal push ups if i slightly bend my arm and wrist and not at a full 90 degree and try to place weight on radial sight thumb side of palm
-wrist can full flexion however feel tight pain at area above ulnar bone that funny bone
-wrist has half the rom in extension as compared to the uninjured wrist, however if apply pressure able to do as same rom extension however pain on carpal area above ulnar funny bone
-unable to do knuckle push ups too much pain coming from hand ulnar side above ulnar bone
- able to do heavy kettlebell swings seems like no problem with pulling exercises as long keep wrist straight
-big bony bump above ulnar bone area on hand after 1 week
-holding phone cause pain in ulnar area above wrist on the hand same with if i am trying to apply force, feels like its coming from the outer side of my hand along the pinky area
Any expert can advice if is my tfcc tear or carpal bones or carpal ligament thats causing this pain
Thank you

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