Hello everyone,
I live in Rosedale. I wanted to talk about my yellow teeth. I tried the teeth whitening procedure and the white strips. It did not solve my problem. I think I even lost my enamel coating after trying out all this. I feel really bad now. I'm interested in social works and I used to conduct free seminars, camps, other social activities for students. And I love doing it to engage everyone. But now I stopped my social activities for a few days due to this problem.
I am not even confident anymore because I am scared to show my teeth and smile. I always smile awkwardly these days. I read a blog about dental veneers, it's pros and cons. Are dental veneers the only solution? Do I have any other options? I took an appointment with the dentist in Rosedale to know more about this. Please help me out with more ideas before my appointment.

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