Free book spanish for SLP's working with spanish speakers. Heidi Kay made this possible. Heard about this book on her LinkedIn group called Pediatric and school based therapy discussion group.

have a VERY exciting resource to share. Back in January, we featured a chapter of a book by Dorothy Miranda Esckelson and Adulfa Aguirre Morales, called ‘Spanish Phrasing for SLPs.’ The authors had given Judith Kuster of MSU, permission to post one chapter of stuttering phrases on her website. We featured that chapter as our Resource of the Week.

Well, we got great feedback on that post and several questions as to where one might find the book since it is out of print. We were able to find Dorothy Esckelson, who is retired now and has stopped selling her book. After telling her who we were and what we do here, she most graciously agreed to give us the book and allow us to publish it for free distribution on our website as a ‘gift to the profession.’

Please check it out: A ‘Gift to the Profession’: ‘Spanish Phrasing for SLPs’

Feel free to share it with your colleagues!! This is truly a Gift to the Profession!"
end of quote.

Very handy for all of you working with spanish speaking clients.

kind regards


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