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Physical Therapy Bachelor's Degree Explained

  1. capstone_project_expert
    Health science statistics
    PT Skills & Knowledge Gained

    • Analyzing patient data through different statistical methods
    • Understanding of statistical methods such as correlation, inferential statistics, and analysis of variance

    Athletic injuries

    • PT Skills & Knowledge Gained
    • Diagnosing athletic trauma
    • Creating and implementing preventive plans for patients at risk of injury
    • Ability to apply sports medicine principles

    PT Skills & Knowledge Gained

    • Knowing which drugs are appropriate for different conditions
    • Recognizing drug abuse issues
    • Understanding the physical and psychological effects of different drugs

    Health psychology
    PT Skills & Knowledge Gained

    • Understanding how pain affects a patientís psychological state
    • Making nutritional recommendations that alleviate pain and stress
    • Ability to recognize mental health issues
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