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7 Diseases Treated by Physical Therapists

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    Muscular Dystrophy
    Muscles and skeleton degenerate and get progressively weakened owing to age or various disorders. This can be treated with mobility exercises and using supporting frames.
    Excess fluids gather in the lymphatic system, which then moves around in the bloodstream, causing swelling. Physical therapists use Complete decongestive therapy (CDT) to reduce swelling and prevent future fluid buildup.
    Back and Neck Pain
    Acute pain that comes on suddenly or chronic back and neck pain that lasts for months or years restrict normal functioning. Physical therapy eases pain and improves mobility.
    Thin and brittle, sponge-like bones have lots of holes inside them, causing them to break. Similarly, disabling fractures can be prevented with timely therapy.
    Sports Injuries
    Specific types of sports injuries like stress fractures can be treated with appropriate recovery programs or prevention exercises for a safe and quick recovery.
    Limited Range of Motion (ROM)
    Too much stress due to the overuse of some parts of your body causes swelling or you feel tenderness in those areas. Rage of motion gets impeded, which can be revived with therapy. Likewise, physical therapy will achieve better extension or flexion.
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Sitting at a computer all day leads to repetitive stress injuries. However, wrist injuries and pain can be subdued by changing your posture and performing stretches and exercises.
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