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3 Key Physical Therapy Strategies in 2021

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    Business Diversification
    Independent practices must find ways to diversify in order to create new opportunities and attract new patients. Fast Co. reports that the value of the wellness industry has increased by over 12.5% in the past two years and is now worth $4.2 trillion. Specifically, cash-pay healthcare services will continue to grow. Therapy providers who would like to remain in private practice over the next decade must start thinking strategically about how to specialize, diversify and differentiate their clinics.

    Take Advantage of Data Analytics

    Data is foundational to growth. To ensure their place in the coming decade, the focus of individual practices must adjust to include comprehensive data collection and meaningful application. Knowing what to do has never been more important. Efficiencies are particularly important now with Medicare’s reimbursement cuts and cuts to assistant-provided services. To offset the impact of these cuts, it is inevitable that clinics must improve efficiencies and use assistants more effectively. Data will be essential to market optimization, determining specialties of preventative, holistic care for development, in addition to identifying new areas for patient referral streams.

    Work as a Community and Pursue Your Best Interests

    As rehab therapy continues to evolve, it is safe to say that the next decade must be about advocacy and activism, advocacy for pro-rehab therapy will continue to be more important than ever. We can also tap our patients to advocate for us—and ultimately, themselves through direct access.
    One can become a member of APTA, ASHA or AOTA. Write to the Center for Medicare Advocacy or the Medicare Rights Center.
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