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how to prevent or reduce of low back pain with physiotherapist worker

  1. ansam mahmod
    ansam mahmod
    i want to make search for suffering of physiotherapist with lBP i see it common disease affected with physiotherapist may be because tend to worke with patient with different position and manually more hard and forget the right correct position ,i need your opinion on these subject and really i ask help on reference about this subject
  2. physiobob
    HI there group. Perhaps I can add an initial comment. That is that the working height of a treatment plinth or a hospital bed must be such that the therapist is comfortable. They should feel they are free to move themselves and are not unduly supporting to much weight, neither from their own bodies such as when bending over a low plinth, nor from supporting a patient to much. A height adjustable plinth is perhaps the best early investment you can make in practice.
  3. physicol
    hi group, ive had years of practice in a msk envikronment and the plinth height does work however i still kept getting a few niggles in the lowerback.so i practiced what i preached, transverse abs/quadratus lumborum exersises and knee roles every night and never had a niggle since. i think sometimes people get that busy and forget.. Good old core,works a treat
  4. Michellebanu
    It's really very improtant to maintain a very good posture when treating a patient, regardless of how, whether patient is sitting or lying. The plinths in the hospital should be adjustable to fit the height of different physiotherapists.
  5. otley258
    As a private practitioner, I use a mobile plinth which unfortunately does not lift or lower. I am very concerned about back health so I try and find ways to treat clients which eradicate the use of the plinth all together.
    I agree with previous comments in that if we do practice what we preach, we could all reap the rewards.
  6. sidra sabir
    sidra sabir
    hi group um new at physotherapy forum um student of 2nd year hope so this group will help me a lot
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