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We are a growing the best driver assessment and rehabilitation company based in Adelaide South Australia. At Williams Occupational Therapy, Driver assessments and Rehab, we offer our employees the opportunity to be part of something great; the opportunity to really help people, and I mean really help people, not just assess; and have the flexibility to match work with your lifestyle. Do you have what it takes to be a Driver Trained OT at Williams OT?The Right Person for the Position:You are a Driver Trained OT (Occupational Therapist), preferably (but not vital) with assessment experience, that has a willingness to learn and grow, and if not already, become a rehab specialist in the area of driving.You are an outgoing practitioner and have a desire to excel in private practice. You’re someone that likes a challenge and want to grow your knowledge base and skills, and eager to take on new and exciting work.If it is you, you will love change for the better and are happy to push boundaries with the right evidence. Perhaps you just aren’t fulfilled with your current job role and limited by a restricted caseload, and you know that there are better opportunities waiting for you.Things are about to change – read on to hear how:We are not looking for someone who is looking to get a job to roll them over until the next opportunity comes along. We are looking for serious growth candidates.You will be our future driver trained OT and take pride in your dynamic career choice. You will take ownership of our vision; “The most trusted, all-inclusive brand helping people with a medical condition or disability experience the freedom and independence of driving” and live it every day.You will have great people skills, fantastic communication, and enjoy working as part of a dynamic team. You also love to have a laugh and banter in our vibrant culture.Whats more, you will love the opportunity to become a rehab specialist in driving and enhance your knowledge and skills in vehicle modifications, AND, you want the opportunity to be trained as a driving instructor to really enhance your skills in rehabilitation.The Company:Williams Occupational Therapy is not just an OT driver assessment service. Williams OT does everything it can to get clients with a medical condition or disability on the road and is known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike. Our people developed the following statement:“All the pieces of the puzzle to assist in gaining independence through driving”.We believe in fighting for people with a disability or medical condition and their independence in the task of driving. We understand the freedom that comes from not relying on others for life’s tasks such as getting to and from work, picking up the kids, getting a loaf of bread and a carton of milk from the local shops, and going for a Sunday drive.We are a well-established, and progressive practice known for delivering excellent patient outcomesin a fun and friendly environment. With over 7 years of history, we are continuing to expand dueto a popular following amongst patients, medical referrers, strong networks and an excellentcommunity reputation.We are committed to helping all of our team to reach their potential professionally and personally and provide all the support necessary for you to reach your goals in a caring, fun and supportive environment. We offer an attractive salary with great performance incentives so you are rewarded for your hard work.Closing Date:If you are interested in working at Williams OT in the role of Driver Trained OT, please have your resume and cover letter in by:5pm Adelaide time (Aust Central Time) on 3rd April 2018Send all applications to**by the above close date. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via email, our*contact page, or calling me on +61438381235
Job Start Date: April 2018

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