To find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research.
The Turning Point

In everyone's life, there are turning points. Pivotal moments of no turning back.

For some parents, that moment comes when their child is diagnosed with diabetes. In that instant, the world is changed forever. The past falls away, leaving a painful present - and a future that seems to hang like a shadow over their child's head.

For the founders of Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International in 1970, that moment gave birth to a resounding, "NO", a refusal to accept a future of uncertainty for their children. And a commitment to move heaven and earth to change it.

In 1982, Australian parents formed a group to deliver hope and compassion to children facing a lifetime of insulin injections and probable health complications.

We became a JDF international partner and joined a global network of determined affiliates who share the same vision of a world without diabetes.

For more than a quarter of a century, JDF has brought a message of hope to millions of people who live with the grim realities of diabetes - hope for a cure through research.

Our fierce determination makes JDF an irresistible force for change. Most importantly, our actions have turned the dream of a world without diabetes into an achievable goal.

As a direct result of JDF's efforts to fund and promote diabetes research, the mysteries of diabetes are being unravelled. Scientific investigators, pursuing many paths, have illuminated the inner working of the disease.

We are beginning to see and understand juvenile (insulin dependent) diabetes. We are learning what causes it and how to prevent it. We are closer to finding the cure.

We have learnt more about the disease in the last five years than in the last 50. Our challenge is to accelerate towards the cure. But close enough is not good enough.

Because the only remedy is a cure.