Are you currently undergoing neurophysio? Do you want to help develop a research protocol looking into patients perceptions of the physiotherapy they are receiving?

I'm Melissa and I'm a Masters Physiotherapy student at the University of Southampton.

I am currently writing the protocol for my research dissertation into patient's perceptions of the neurological physiotherapy that they are receiving. I am very interested in finding out more about the experiences that patients are going through with their therapy and their views on it.

For this research I will be carrying out interviews, however I want some feedback on the interview schedule that I have made before I go ahead with inviting participants to take part.

All it will take is a quick phone call (10-15minutes) of me reading out the interview questions that I have made and gaining feedback on them.

The people I am looking for at the moment won't be involved in the actual research that I am doing, but will provide a vital insight into the types of questions that I will need to be asking.

Please let me know if you are interested in taking part, or know anyone that would be interested in taking part.

Thank you!

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