I'm new here.
I'm a RN (acute care NP in Stroke and before that Neuro/General Intensive Care) but I'm actually looking for some advice regarding MAG antibody neuropathy.
This is a very rare autoimmune disease (1:100,000 people have it).
Anti-MAG Peripheral Neuropathy - GBS/CIDP Foundation International
It has some similarities with MS as it affects the function of the myelin sheath, but usually only of the peripheral nervous system. Of course because it's such a rare condition there's a lack of knowledge about it, many neurologists have never treated a patient who has it and as yet there is no specific treatment, although sometimes it's treated with IVIG infusions or a drug called Rituximab. Neurologists are reluctant to treat unless someone has significant disability, but unfortunately the nerve damage is irreversible once symptoms have been present for 2 years.

Anti MAG neuropathy is usually symmetrical and starts distally in the toes/feet and spreads proximally, although this doesn't always seem to be the case.

It may exist alongside other conditions eg CIDP and often patients go undiagnosed, or are given an incorrect diagnosis.
Foot drop, muscle weakness and balance problems are common as is pain and discomfort due to numbness, burning and cramping. Also tightness in the back of the ankle and heel pain.

My question is what exercises would be useful for someone who has this condition, especially regarding prevention of foot drop, tightness of the Achilles tendon etc?

Thank you

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