I contracted sciatica 10 years ago. This affected my left leg. I was self-employed and had to work so I used a crutch.
Other than the pain the worst thing was I could not stand on my tip toe on that foot. This meant I had no heal to toe gait. As time went on and the pain started to recede, I began walking without the crutch. However, I was favouring certain movement to avoid pain, and this became the norm.
So, before long I was walking without pain, I was cycling aga*in, I was a landscape photographer I was going into the hills with my camera, I walked the dog. I had no further issues. Roll forward 5 years a my dog passed away, I found a new hobby (the violin) and the camera stayed in the cupboard. Exercise disappeared.
Two years ago, I saw that the curve of the inside left calf had disappeared. My GP suggested it was neurological, linked to the original sciatica. I had a full MRI from the waist up. This showed nothing. I visited a Physio for an unrelated problem, I asked him about the atrophied muscle after telling my story. He gave me exercises to do, warning this would take months. 12 months on there is no change. When I exercise my muscles never get sore, only weak. My gait has never improved. I donít have a clean heel to toe motion when I walk. I feels like my left foot is sloshing around inside my shoe when it is taking my weight as I walk.
Does this sound familiar and can this be addressed by physiotherapy?
Thank you.

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