Hey there,

so I've been getting phsio for my ATFL injury. (It happened a while ago, got put in a moonboot). These excercises include:
1) Me doing rotations with a theraband (ankle-like rotations, circular outwards)
2) Balancing on a pillow with my right leg (ATFL injury on that leg).
3) Something like standing ankle raisers.

20 reps of each of those. 3 sets. So 60 of those in total. Then I do it all again at night.

But the funny thing is, I think the middle of my leg is trying to compensate for that ruptured ATFL.

Sorry if I'm not using the phsio-words, I'm hoping that someone can discuss what's going on, so I can understand these following things:
- Will my right leg ever feel as if it's as perfect as my left leg? (will there always be other structures trying to compensate for my bad ATFL?)
- What is the significance of each of those exercises.

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