Hi all,

I'm a 23-year-old with a history of hypermobile shoulders. First triggered by subluxation during rugby, I have now had a total of 4 operations on my shoulders over the last few years (first a more minor labral repair/anchoring, followed by a bone block with the more minor procedure having proved unsuccessful) in the hope of providing stability.

6 months ago (start of October 2017) I had a posterior bone block put into my left shoulder to stabilise a hyper-mobile joint that frequently subluxed with little provocation (e.g. reaching across to get phone out of opposite jeans pocket). Since the 2 month mark, when I began resistance work as part of my rehab, I've had a tender spot on the outside of my delt right on the humerus, just below the head, where the muscle fibre is extremely tight and hard.

Four months down the line and, despite my range/strength progressing well - I now have near-full range, am back in the gym doing resistance work etc. - this pain point remains, and is preventing me from progressing in some of the necessary areas. The pain is triggered mainly by external rotation (I am unable to strengthen my infraspinatus because any strengthening work I do is inhibited by the substantial pain caused - a sharp, burning kind of pain), as well as to a lesser extent raising my extended arm straight out in front of me (where the tension is taken through the delt). It is also extremely sensitive to pressure, with even the lightest of soft tissue work being almost unbearable.

None of my physios/doctors/surgeons seem too sure what the problem is. A few suggested theories include muscle spasm, lack of posterior recruitment causing the delt to be overloaded, and friction over the (apparently sizeable) bone block - with more time and a continuation of current efforts the only proposed solutions.

I am hoping someone may have encountered such enduring sensitivity in the deltoid, post posterior bone block, as triggered primarily by external rotation, and might be able to offer a diagnosis/treatment plan? With no real improvement in sight after 4 months of intensive rehab work and progress in all other areas of the shoulder, I'm becoming a bit disheartened and desperate.

Please let me know if any further/follow up information is needed!

Thank you all so much in advance,

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