So I'm a 27 year old male I've had small bumps below my knees, around the tibial tuberosity, for a few years at least(not even sure), and have had some difficulty staying in a crouching position, but I didn't think much of it. About a month ago I've started doing some squat sessions for a few days without warming up properly, and my knees at some point started hurting so I stopped doing them. A few days I ocasionally felt a light pressure in the knees and after those few days I noticed the bumps below my knees got bigger, the left one more a little more than the right. Freaked me out a bit and did some research, I figured I had an adult form of Osgood Schlatter.
They didn't hurt much or often, mostly when I started to worry and touch/push the left bump, otherwise just felt the area around the left one a bit sensitive. I also felt some slight weakness in left leg(which I'm starting to think was there before, though even less noticeable). Took a few nurofens, about 5 in total, mostly at random points.

Anyway, I stopped doing hard activities for the most parts, just walking, but I've noticed the bumps again got a little bigger/sharper twice at separate points(though perhaps not as drastically as the first time, a month ago).
-First time they got even bigger was about a week and a half ago, I figured that the 'fissures' in the tuberosity were healing and I relaxed a bit. Didn't feel sensitivity in the area around the left bump anymore.
-Second time was yesterday(I think). To give some context, I went on vacation a week ago to another city and I climbed lots of stairs and walked a lot of high roads and after I got home yesterday I felt some pressure on my knees with some sensitivy around the left bump, and I noticed the bumps got lightly sharper.

I have to also mention that last few years I've had a problem with pain the the left(I think occasionally the right one too) heel, mostly with certain shoes that didn't have soft surfaces for the heel. Changed shoes and it felt better, but I still feel pain in the left heel if I push, and I'm feeling now because I dropped an item a few days ago on it and it hurt a LOT. It's better now but there's still sensitivity and a red-ish spot where I got hit.

I can give pictures of the bumps from different points in time, though the angle might not be the best, if it helps.

Can it be Osgood? I do look very young for my age, my growth plates might still be opened, I suppose. I'm a bit worried about it advancing, and about how big the bumps can get, really don't want them to be even more obvious than they already are.

Any and all opinions would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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