Hi all,

Quick history: 50 year old male, Lifting weights for 30 years.

Developed pain in my shoulder over a 3 week period, unable to lift after that. Went to Physio and assumed it was minor. 6 weeks of treatment and cortisone shot, no improvement.

Had an MRI, said frozen shoulder, bicep and rotator tendonitis, had PRP and another cortisone into the long head of the bicep. More physio for 6 weeks, no improvement. Went to see a sports doctor who gave another cortisone, 6 weeks more of physio, no improvement.

Went to see a ortho surgeon who said I have the following from the same MRI that the physio and sports doctor x 2 had seen:

Basically i have stretched the tendon and it's not staying in the bicipital groove.

1. Biceps pulley rupture
2. Sub scap partial tear
3. Supraspinatus tendonopathy

Anyway, I haven't been lifting for nearly 12 months and physio is not working.

Surgeon has suggested: Bicep tenodesis, Sub scap repair and subacromial decompression.


If i have surgery, will i get back to 100% strength? and will i be able to build strength above what i was at, as i was still progressing.

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