Hi, this is a bit of an usual one I think. About 8 weeks ago when operating the side step on a vehicle at work (you kick forward pushing in against step for it to release), I suffered an injury. The step on vehicle was very stiff so required a considerable pressure and kicking force which caused the glute on the leg I was using (r) to "sieze" along with my back all the way up that side. After two to three weeks off work the back muscles had mostly relaxed but the glutes would not relax. After physio consisiting of triggerpointing and deep tissue massage from a remedial therapist the glutes did relax, however now I have no feeling in the glute! The muscle is moving correctly as I can feel the surrounding tissue moving but have no sensation from the muscle. The resulting impact is that all other muscles in the surrounding area including hamstrings appear to be overworking to compensate and constantly feel sore as if I have run a marathon! This is now spreading and am having pain in other leg through hip and knee. Physio is unsure how to proceed as exercises given to specifically work the right glute are still resulting in little or no feeling. Otherwise I am healthy and enjoy sports. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

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