Hi, about 6 or 7 weeks ago I broke my humerus near the top of the bone (surgical neck I think). It was a clean break, going across the bone, and has been healing well (in terms of reforming with the other part of the bone). However, it is slightly misaligned; the bottom part of the humerus is 6 or 7 millimeters more outwards than the other part. I cant explain it very well (and I'm afraid I don't have the x-ray picture of it) but the bone is angled outwards slightly, i.e. it is protruding slightly in front of me. Anyway, I am able to move my arm sideways and backwards fairly easily but it is difficult to move it forwards and upwards (as if going to raise my hand/arm in the air). Essentially, I can't move my right arm directly upwards in the air; instead, as it gets closer to the top I lean sideways to make it go upwards. I start to get pain doing this action, and I know it's not muscular pain as I can feel the bone obstructing my movement upwards. I met with a physio recently who agreed that my arm was setting in a misaligned position, and that the bone was being obstructed when I tried to raise my arm. The physio gave me some exercises to perform, such as reaching up the wall and walking with my fingers until I couldn't move the arm any higher, as well as lying down and trying to move my arm above my head whilst supporting it with the other arm, in addition to the exercise given to me by the hospital initially which was to move my arm in a pendulum motion. The physio said that if I did these exercises every 3-4 hours then I should see some improvement and that the chances of the bone realigning would increase; also, I had to push through the pain of the exercises to prevent the bone from setting out of place. As you can tell by now, I really would like my humerus to heal properly and my arm to return to full functionality (or as good as it can possibly be). I play a lot of sport as well, so some of the actions in those sports require me to fully extend my arm upwards. I just wanted to know a few things, primarily is there any other measures I can take to improve the chances of my arm fully healing and returning to normal? It could be anything, for example would performing the exercises more regularly or doing more repitions improve the odds of it realigning, or are there any other ways for it to heal properly, such as a different sleeping position or other possible exercises?

P.S I forgot to mention that the physio said a better posture when seated would improve its healing, so I've changed it accordingly.

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