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    Brief Medical History Overview

    Age: 21, Female, Presenting Problem Since: 1 year, Symptom Behaviour: worse, Symptoms Worse (24hr Behaviour): morning, No Investigations, No Diabetes, No history of High Blood Pressure, No Medications, No Osteoporosis, No Hx of Cancer, No Unexplained Weight Loss, No Bowel/Bladder issues, Other Info: sclerosis

    Major problem / Symptomatic Areas

    Lumbar, Spine - Posterior

    Knee - Anterior - Left

    Knee - Anterior - Right

    Ankle - Left

    Ankle - Right

    Knee and ankle problems

    Hello. I'm having a problem with knees and ankles, that started 1 year ago. I can't flex my ankles in normal angle and there is something like node at the anterior ankle bone, also my knees are kind of sunken in shins as if there is no distinguishable salient between them, and calves has widened in a way that when I stretch my feet, muscles around Achilles tendon get protruded. I have attaches few pictures, maybe someone knows what could it be and if it is treatable?

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