Hi guys,

I have pain in my right foot in the lateral area.

I've had it a few times before and then finally had an X ray with a doctor and it came back as a stress fracture and I chalked it up to running on the treadmill daily. I quit running 5 years ago and had no issues since.

About 2 days ago the pain came back and I went to a physio and got diagnosed with a true anatomical leg length difference with my right leg being 1 cm longer. This was causing my right hip to be higher along with some scoliosis. Further the LLD was causing my right foot to pronate and causing lots of compression on the lateral part of my foot causing pain.

This diagnosis makes a lot of sense to me and I'm due back for another session with the physio next week.

But due to my rather inquisitive nature (I like to research and know stuff as best I can), I'd like to tap your brains and ask a few questions.

1. Given that I haven't been running in years why did this suddenly result in pain?

2. I went for a few hikes last month, one very long hard one which left my legs aching, which I think might have contributed to it, but again why is there a 1 month time lag?

3. I was informed that I don't have enough range of motion in my right ankle and while i used to stretch my calves a lot trying to squat (I'm a fairly regular gym goer), I haven't recently. Will stretching my calf regularly and regaining ankle mobility fix the issue? I'm just confused as I can overhead squat without too many problems.

4. While I have no interest in running, is wearing a heel lift required for everyday activities? or snowboarding, weightlifting, etc? Or will I never be able to fix the scoliosis and pelvic tilt without a heel lift?

5. Lastly I've attempted to try to call the physio again as pain is very bad today and I can barely stand, let alone walk. But no answer, so is there anything I can try? I was told to sit in a chair with my back straight, extend my leg an dorsiflex. And also squat on a bosu. I've done both, using a bed instead of a bosu but wondering if anything else I can do instead of just wait for it to pass.

Thanks so much in advance for any help. I wish physios were really better known and acknowledged as they've immensely helped my family to move better and feel better.


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