To first give some context - 22yo male, a runner for a year. My running was going fine and dandy until some time around the beginning of May I've developed a weird pain on the front but a bit to the inside of my left tibia (I'd say ~17cm above the ankle). It was like - no pain whatsoever and then it started happening. Just a dull pain each time I land on the foot, disappearing after a few kilometers. The problem was that when I stopped running, it was still painful to the touch (as if I hit it on a table or something).

Sometimes it was better, sometimes worse (sometimes took as much as 6km to subside), mostly on the left leg but sometimes on the right as well. There was also a reaally small point on the left tibia that was painful each time you touched it. It even hurt when I was going up the stairs or walking (sometimes).

Two weeks ago or so I had to stop running for a week and a half cause I was overwhelmed with work stuff and while for the first few days I felt discomfort even when walking fast, it then disappeared completely - I went for a run last week with no pain at all. Then on the run after that - the same. And on the last one everything was cool again but after coming home it came back... Only a fraction of how painful it used to be but it's again slightly painful to the touch and I feel this little discomfort when walking...

What could this be? Doesn't feel like shin splints (used to have them back when I was starting and they'd been nothing like it), not like stress fracture either (pain comes and goes, usually subsides the longer you run, happened on both legs for a short period of time). Bad shoes? I've been running in the current pair for something like 750km plus I'd been using them as walking shoes before that (now I know not to do that but they come from my pre-running so I didn't even suspect I would ever start running back then). I tried a different pair but it's not better (to be fair, that pair is also from the pre-running era and I'd been walking in it for like 4 years before using them for running).

Also here is the precise point that hurts:

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