Hi, i hope some of you out there can help my slightly unusual problem! Whilst running i feel like my toes on my right foot (especially the middle one which is bigger than my big toe incidently) are starting to curl under, because of this im then getting a real lack of power in my running and unable to get up onto my toes, and feel like i have to run with one foot slapping on the ground whilst the other is doing all the work. Its not painful so ive been running through it, but its been happening for over 18months now, im concerned there is something wrong with nerves and im doing permanent damage (my feet get numb really easily, not sure if this is relevant) and also as im putting more weight through the left i get a few achillles problems on that side, so its more causing issues elsewhere than in the actual foot itself. Ive tried all the usual things of strengthening up my feet, my glutes, hamstrings etc and cut back hugely on the amount i run but it still persists. The foot just feels really weak and like something is not firing properly, its really difficult to describe as its not painful. Has anyone come across this before and have any advice on what type of therapist would be best to see, podiatrist, physio etc. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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