Hi everyone,

I have an old ankle injury - 11 years old now. I broke both the tibia and fibula cleanly and needed surgery. I got a metal plate on the outside, and a metal screw on the inside. The surgeons/doctors told me that the surgery was very successful at the time.

Over the years generally I've had not too much trouble - it occasionally hurts or swells after a lot of walking.

But my problem now is the limited range of movement. I'm unable to bend my foot 'back' further than 90 degrees (whereas my other ankle has very good range of movement). I do exercise, martial arts and yoga almost daily, and yet this range of movement does not seem to be improving. I'm wondering if it's possible to improve this range of movement now, after so long? And if so, how?

I'm assuming the range of movement is either a) due to the metal hardware in my ankle preventing movement b) scar tissue? c) the bone has grown over in such a way that its physically unable to improve the range of movement. d) it's muscular and i scan still fix it.

Is there any hope in improving this? How? I will do anything required - I'm very disciplined when it comes to things like that. Should I get the metal taken out? would that help? is that even possible at this stage?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you

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