So about 3 months ago I sprained my ankle while walking down some stairs and missing a step. The initial diagnosis (via physio not xray) was a partial tear of atfl and cfl. The initial progression was very good and went as such:

- Required crutches for first 5 days, but after that could hobble around.
- After about two and a half weeks the purple bruising subsided
- At four weeks I returned to sport (tennis)

At six weeks after having played several sessions pain free I increased my intensity, I didn't exactly resprain it by rolling my ankle again but after twisting a bit too hard I had just a touch of pain.
After that session I knew I played a bit too hard so I decreased my playing frequency and intensity, I played several session after that day and it seemed to get gradually worse, at this point I stopped playing again completely and returned to physio.

Now where I am I'm back to performing balance exercises on the wobble board and bosu ball (pillow at home), but this time it doesn't seem to be improving. My ankle doesn't actually hurt when I do the balance exercises, it actually feels even better than when I'm sitting around. However several hours after the balance exercises, my ankle right on the atfl starts aching again, this seems to last until the next day when after I wake up it feels normal again.
(Swelling is consistently minor, noticeable only if you compare it to my other ankle, doesn't seem to get much if even worse after balance exercises either)
(Pain isn't terribly severe, but enough to give me a slight temporary limp)

Now i'm wondering, is this delayed pain normal? Or should I completely stop my balance exercises till I see my physio again next week?
And of course any other possible insight into my injury is very welcome and appreciated!


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