OK so where to start... one day I lifted my arms above me head whilst 'ducking' my neck, and a pain shot up my neck and the back of my head. Cue lots of muscle spasms and severe pain.

After medication and physio exercises for a week (strengthening core neck muscles and stretching) it eased off some 70% allowing me to stop medication.

I am now left with the remaining 30% of tightness, which causes me pain every day. I also have pain in my right glute and lower trap on the right hand side.

All on the right hand side. I also have a collapsed arch on the right foot, I'm seeing a podiatrist for that, but it's on hold as I've sprained my ankle! Argh!

Anyway, I get lots of lower back pain and stiffness, have seen osteopaths, chiros, several physiothereapists, and nothing has helped long term.

Stretching my hamstrings seemed to help for a few days, but then it all just came straight back no matter what I did.

I really need to find the root cause of all this tension and resolve it, stretching just isn't cutting it any more.

I've done a workstation assesment at work, and my current physio has given me exercises to strengthen my lower back, as he thinks it's bcause my chest is stronger and the back is 'losing' the fight.

I've been lifting weights on and off for years, have always paid attention to 'back' days, to stop the 'hunched over' posture.

I'm continuing with those exercises, but no real positive effect yet.

Oh, I've just replaced my mattress with a firmer one too, hasn't made any difference. Tonight I'm going to try sleeping on the floor out of desperation!

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated - this is severely affecting my quality of life and I feel like i'm running out of options

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