I ruptured the ACL in my left knee playing football (soccer) last September and had the hamstring autograft reconstruction in December (10 months ago today as it happens). Apart from a DVT 2 weeks post op my rehab has gone very well, and there hasn't really been any setbacks. I was discharged from my physio 4 months ago and they indicated that they thought I was near enough ready to return to training then and had my final consultation with my surgeon 3 months ago and he was very pleased with the new ACL (though advised waiting a further 2 months before football training, which I did). I've now started football training recently and on the odd occasion the knee feels like it "shifts" slightly, a similar feeling as to what used to happen before I had the op when my knee would buckle. There is no pain when it happens or swelling after and the knee doesn't actually buckle but the sensation is one that scares me and is really holding me back in progressing further than where I currently am with my rehab.

I was wondering if this is something that is normal or if it is an indication of something else. Could it mean the graft has stretched or that the leg needs strengthening further before sports? Maybe I'm just being oversensitive with this knee due to what previously happened?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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