I fell on left hip 11 years ago, ruptured L4, L5 disc. Disc healed but always had some right side low back pain. 6 years ago the pain became chronic after throwing the right lower part of my back out which I now believe to be was my Quadratus Lumborom muscle locking up. This has happened 6 7 more times since then and every time my base pain level raises and it doesn't heal as quickly as before to the point now that my right hip is raised higher than left, right side pelvis is rotated backwards, when my feet are pointing forward when standing my torsoe and pelvis point off to the right. I have constant deep burning ache in my low right back that raps around to the waist and to my hip and buttocks, down the side of my leg, IT band pain, TFL pain, occasionally down past the knee and to the foot. I had an MRI a year ago that apparently showed to be unremarkable. I have gone to so many different physical therapists and tried chiropractic,acupuncture, dry needling, myofascial release, and the only thing that did anything was the dry needling but the relief is always short lived. I have been told my QL is very very tight but stretches do nothing it seems. I've lost count of the many exercises I've done religiously for months on end only to have my back go out again and put me at an even worse state of pain. I also have constant cracking and popping in left side sacroiliac joint and an occasional very painful pop in the left SI joint and I think I have APT because they always tell me to do pelvic tilts and I get a constant urge to round out my low back after standing or walking. I know this all has to be some complicated muscle imbalance but I must have never been given the correct exercises for it. I don't know if anyone can even help me here but thought it was worth a try. Sorry this was so long.

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